About Pomsky Puppies

    As a new exciting hybrid, pomsky puppies can also be called a designer breed, which 1st generation Pomsky's can be registered with several registry's as a designer breed, which means while they are not a pure bred but they are out of pure bred parents which means the puppy can be registered as a designer breed and will have a pedigree showing both sides of the parents.

    Pomsky puppies are a relatively new designer breed so th there is still a lot to learn. Generally they should have traits from the  Siberian Husky & Pomeranian. Their size could be anywhere between the Pomeranian & Siberian Husky, hopefully meeting in the middle range. They could be any color or combination of colors you could also get blue eyes or bi-eyes which is one color and one of another color or any colors that Pomeranians and Huskys may have.         

     There is no one-size-fits-all categorical description of the Pomsky. You can be reasonably confident that a Pomsky will possess a high level of intelligence, high levels of energy, be very social and bond with their families. Unlike a purebred husky that requires significant levels of exercise, it is reasonable to expect a daily walk or run of the yard to meet the needs of this designer breed.

   All in all, they tend to be wonderful little pets for a family bringing a cheerful fun and cuddly playfulness into the equation that is often lacking with other smaller dogs.

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