Seller & Buyer Agreement


                                          This agreement is between buyer and seller and cannot be transferred.

We the seller will have given all age appropriate vaccines plus regular dewormings and have treated the

puppy for coccidia and giardia and will pass a fecal exam before shipping in which you will receive a copy of the test. For the best interest of the puppy the buyer will  have to have a vet exam within 72 hours of receiving the puppy plus a fecal exam by your vet at that time as coccidia or giardia are common puppy issues and may not present themselves until the puppy is stressed (travel and a new environment can greatly stress the puppy and comprimise the puppy's inmune system ). Should the puppy test positive for coccidia or giardia treat as your vet recommends. The buyer will also have to send us proof of the vet exam within 7 days of receiving the puppy. We cannot guarantee size, dispostition, eye colors, or colors of hair coat.

We the seller will warrant the puppy for 14 days against death from parvo or distemper and 1 year against life threating congenial defects. The buyer must also follow their vet's vaccination schedule. The puppy will be thourougly checked before shipping and will be found in sound health in order for us to sell the puppy. We reserve the right to hold the puppy for any reason we feel the puppy is not ready to travel.

The buyer promises not to stake the puppy outside by rope, chain or any other means and that the puppy will be in a loving family and diligently cared for. Also the buyer agrees to nueter or spay the puppy by 6 months of age. There is no breeding rights that go with the puppy. .

All shipping costs are paid by the buyer, also all vet costs are paid by the buyer. In the event that there is a claim on the puppy for reasons stated in this agreement we will reimburse the puppy price or provide an equally valued puppy. It will be our choice as to replace the puppy or refund the puchase price depending on the availablility of another puppy within a reasonable time frame. Death from parvo or distemper will have to be lab confirmed, any other claims will have to have a letter from your vet and our vet will have to comfirm the findings. There are no other warranties (except for what is stated in this agreement).

We the seller agree that we are selling this puppy in good faith and that you will receive a good healthy puppy to the best of our ability and knowledge. No reimbursements will be greater than the price paid for the puppy.

For warranties stated herein the buyer must adhere to all conditions stated in this agreement.

Any disputes over this puppy will be considered sold and bought in Labette County Kansas. Any litigations will be in Labette County Kansas.

I, the buyer agrees to the terms stated in this agreement by purchasing a puppy from this seller and or by signing this agreement.

BUYER SIGN HERE___________________________ DATE:____________________

SELLERS: John & Linda Fromm



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